XR Collective

ExteNDing reality?
It’s in our name.

What is the XR Collective?


The University of Notre Dame is excited to announce a centralized location for all of the virtual and augmented reality (XR) efforts across campus. For the last decade, there's been a variety of projects on campus to explore and develop XR environments to aid instructors and students objectives in teaching, learning, and research. Now, we would like to collectively pool our campus' rich knowledge to expand and explore future learning experiences. Collectively, we want to build experiences that enrich our students' learning possibilities on and off campus.

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Who is involved?

XR Studios is a collaboration between the past, current, and future efforts of many groups on campus including:

  • Hesburgh Libraries
  • Notre Dame Learning - Office of Digital Learning (ODL)
  • ND Studios - Office of Information Technologies (OIT)
  • Psychology VR Labs
  • Teaching and Learning Technologies - Office of Information Technologies (OIT)

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